Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hello to all reading this blog, this is my first post and my first blog. My name is Dana Gabriel, however I have always hated my name and sought out nicknames. I always thought that my name was completely devoid of character and did not fit me at all. Lately I've been thinking about changing it, Alex is the most popular option among my friends. I am a Leo, however I am not vain or vicious. I am originally from Cleveland Ohio (which is a terrible and boring place do not go there !)and I am attending M.I.A.D. and hope to study Industrial design because I have always been fascinated by housewares, furniture and decor. I consider fashion and listening to music to be my hobbies. I worship Glamour magazine Led Zeppelin, Odd Future and Parliament Funkadelic. I think sweatpants and the pairing of socks with sandals should be illegal.  I love boys of all colors and creeds. Personality wise I'm sort of funny and inappropriate at times. For the most part I surround myself with other artistic and or quirky people. I prefer to hang with the type of crowd that is known for spontaneous adventures. I love "field trips" to wherever at three a.m. on a fun Saturday night or rather Sunday morning. I love spicy food and throwing something together from scratch in the kitchen. Sriracha and garlic are my life.

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